Marshals FAQs

  • How do I register to become a marshal?

    All you have to do is fill in the online form and send it off to the marshals secretary, who will then get in touch with you. This year we are looking for approximately 120 marshals, so don’t be shy and experience motorsport up close without the cost.

  • Do you need any specific rally training to marshal on the Neil Howard Stages?

    No, no rally specific training is needed. From the hugely experienced to the first-timer, we welcome anyone who wants to volunteer on the Neil Howard Stages, including circuit marshals. Our Chief Marshal and the sector marshals will guide you throughout the day.

  • Do I need a ticket to get in?

    Yes. Unique entry passes will be sent out approximately a week before the event, via email. You will then need to print off this pass and bring it with you. This will permit on person entry only.

  • How much will it cost to marshal?

    As a thank you from Bolton-Le-Moors Car Club for giving up your time to marshal on the Neil Howard Stages, your entry ticket fee will be given out free of charge. Additionally, you will be entered into a prize draw for marshal’s prizes/gifts.

  • What should I wear to marshal?

    As the rally takes place in November, we recommend something warm and of high visibility. We ask if all marshals could bring with them an orange high visibility tabard. While we do have a small number of these available to borrow if you don’t have one we would ask all to bring one along with them.

  • Should I take food and drink with me?

    Rallying is an intensive sport and the Neil Howard Stages is no different. As there is no allotted break in proceedings or lunch break, you should take food and drink with you to your post. This can be purchased on site in the morning before you start marshaling.

  • Can I take my car into the stage with me?

    No, sorry no vehicles other than specially located radio vehicles are permitted into the stage to park. These authorised vehicles will be identifiable by a special sticker to be affixed to the windscreen. Vehicles in the stage without one of these stickers will be asked to leave. In order to help marshals we have provided a special area for parking, with parking provided adjacent to Chequers Restaurant.


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